Terra Firma


Restoration for Land Stewardship


Sometimes it is necessary to measure the stress on water systems or determine the viability of restoration concepts on a property. As a consultation partner, Ecotone can provide a data set or outline feasible approaches for mitigation and restoration. Ecotone has many years of experience successfully navigating the permitting process for our own projects – our team can help you do the same. 


  • Design, Construction, Maintenance 
  • Property Planning 
  • Increase and Improve Fish, Wildlife Diversity and Habitat 
  • Livestock Exclusion Fencing 
  • Removal of Invasive Species 
  • Clean Water Act (Section 404): Compliance and Corrective Action Plans 
  • Pesticide Application in Compliance with Best Practices and Regulations 
  • Obtaining JPA, NPDES, E & S, and Grading Permits 

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How can we help?

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Ecotone, Inc. team on numerous and varied projects for several years.  Throughout our relationship, I have witnessed Ecotone’s commitment to providing the highest levels of service and workmanship.  Commitment, though, is meaningless unless accompanied by action.  Ecotone regularly demonstrates its commitment through innovative approaches to conserving, preserving and enhancing natural resources, both in Maryland and in other areas across the country.  Ecotone is a steward of our natural resources and its work helps to balance and offset otherwise adverse effects of real property development.  Through many years of dedicated work, Ecotone has earned its reputation as a trusted, proactive and detail-oriented service provider and problem solver in both public and private projects.  I know Ecotone to be a company that makes the right decisions, does the right things and sets the standard for fair and honest dealings.  It has been an honor and joy to work with Ecotone’s team of professionals, and I wish them continued success for many years to come.”  

Robert Porter
Principal, Porter Law