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Ecotone delivers stormwater solutions intended to mitigate the water quality problems caused by land-use choices and impervious surfaces in local communities. Our team has extensive experience in both site maintenance and stabilization as well as repair and replacement. Ecotone also can provide an experienced engineer to review plans as well as knowledgeable inspectors to conduct site assessments and audits.


  • Bioretention Systems (e.g. Rain Gardens & Swales)
  • Outfall Stabilization
  • Gabion Sandwich Filters (GSF)
  • Low Flow Repair/Replacement
  • Cured-in-place Pipe Liner (CIPP)
  • Outfall Barrel Replacement
  • Clay Core Installation
  • Riser Replacements (CMP and Concrete)
  • New Construction Inspection Services

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How can we help?

“The Center for Watershed Protection has been working with Ecotone, Inc. on stormwater management, and stream and wetland restoration projects since 2012.  Since that time Ecotone and the Center have worked together to implement over $4 million dollars in stormwater management and ecological restoration projects. Ecotone’s ability to streamline project delivery while maintaining consistent, timely communication has allowed the Center to effectively utilize limited grant funding to deliver maximum project benefits while achieving optimum ecological uplift. The staff at Ecotone are passionate professionals who make extended efforts to engage elected and local government officials, landowners, stakeholders, and the general public and discuss the goals of the projects and the ecosystem services it will provide. When we work with Ecotone, we know that we are working with a team of individuals with the skills and experience that will deliver exceptional results that improve the watersheds we work in.”

Bryan Seipp
Watershed Manager/Professional Forester, The Center for Watershed Protection