An Educational Environment

We believe that fostering an educational environment is key to our success. Providing our team with the tools to further their education creates a knowledgeable, motivated staff. Likewise, we value an informed community and work toward spreading an understanding of the work we do. ​

Ecological Design Training: Think like
a Mountain

Two Sessions:

  • September 28-30, 2022

Less is More

Join Ecotone to learn our approach to ecological restoration design and construction: using nature to restore nature with process-based and low-tech practices over conventional engineering methods. Participants will be engaged during the three-day workshop in a mix of classroom lectures, site visits, and hands-on training with a special focus on the watershed benefits of the North American beaver, methods for coexisting with beaver, and the benefits they add to stream restoration. Participants will learn to create designs using Ecotone’s “Less is More” and nature-based approaches, visit active construction projects, and tour restored sites.

Who should attend?

Environmental engineers, planners, regulators, and consultants, landscape architects, ecologists, government and non-governmental organizations, and other watershed protection professionals.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion. Ecotone can provide verification for professional development continuing education credit hours upon request.


Private/Industry: $800
Public/Nonprofit: $600

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