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Our mission is to create a workplace of strong, impassioned, and supported individuals with a desire to solve the world’s environmental issues. We believe that the highest quality product comes from a unified workforce motivated by a common vision of a sustainable future. 

We’re Hiring!

Ecotone’s success is driven by our employees. We hire positive, self-starting individuals who are stewards for the environment. We appreciate  that talent comes in many forms and from several different schools of thought. History has shown us that it  takes a team of shared knowledge and experiences to bring life to our projects. If you are interested in joining our team of passionate, focused environmentalists, we encourage you to follow the link below to learn more about our current openings.

Frequently Asked Questions

There probably is no such thing as a typical day at Ecotone. Field crews can be working in streams, wetlands, and stormwater sites installing a variety of features. The Design team may be staring at a computer screen, walking a site, collecting data, or identifying plants. The Business Development team may be writing a proposal, meeting with landowners, attending a pre-bid meeting, or negotiating an eco-credit sale. We stay in motion most of the time. However, we make a concerted effort to integrate new employees into the company in a meaningful way. During the first week, we offer an orientation we hope explains the big picture that is complemented by team meetings, introductions to the dogs, a tour of our office and nearby job sites, and lunch with new colleagues.

Yes and No.  Subsidized health care  and employer paid life insurance and both short and long term disability coverages are accessible on day one. Ecotone pays a monthly cell phone stipend and employees enjoy discounts with Verizon and Geico.  After 90 days, new hires can enroll in our 401K retirement plan and after 1 year, employees are eligible for maternity/paternity leave.

We are aggressive about continuous learning. Knowledge is Good is our Core Value that reflects Ecotone’s commitment to figuring things out, getting better at what we do, being curious, and creating innovation. Anyone on staff can request a training experience, but our leaders are pushed to develop a strategy for skill-building that involves everyone on their teams.

It means you didn’t do the required reading when you were an undergraduate student learning about environmental science and natural resources. Google “Aldo Leopold” and do the reading now.

Collaboration is one of Ecotone’s Core values. For example, our approach to design essentially requires that construction staff review plans and offer feedback. We regularly create workgroups populated by a cross-section of the company’s employees. We expect everyone on the team to share what they know with colleagues and reach out with questions when someone else knows something they don’t.

Different strokes for different folks; however, the Christmas party usually is epic…great band, an array of delicious food, mullet wigs, and prizes. We tried something new last year and took the team to Hersheypark for a day. We celebrated National Chili Day early in 2020 for the first time after supporting National Grilled Cheese Day in the past.

In most instances, our first contact with a candidate is a phone-screen. If there seems to be a match, we invite candidates to interview with colleagues and HR. If that goes well for you, we’ll invite you back to interview with a few senior leaders, including the hiring manager and occasionally our CEO. We ask a lot of questions intended to help us determine whether you will fit in, because doing a job well doesn’t mean as much if you can’t get along with your peers. But, our process also gives you an opportunity to ask us a lot of questions, because we want you to feel confident that we are the best next step for you in your career.

If being yourself means not collaborating, not learning, not taking reasonable risks, not trying something new, not laughing, not thinking outside the box, not accepting others as they are, not treating people with respect, or not helping when a colleague needs a hand, then No, you can’t be yourself at Ecotone.

B Corps are for-profit companies that have made a commitment to a mission and outcomes beyond maximizing profits for an owner or shareholders. Earning money certainly is a goal, but for B Corps profits are a tool for delivering supplemental social and environmental benefits in the communities where they operate. There are more than 2,000 Certified B Corps representing over 50 countries, including high-profile brands/businesses like Eileen Fisher, Inc., Patagonia, Inc., Ben & Jerry’s, OluKai, and King Arthur Flour Company. An independent, non-profit entity (B Lab) conducts a thorough survey of business practices and policies before certifying a company. At Ecotone, we see our B Corp status as a natural extension of our desire to be a model of sustainable restoration and a trustworthy partner for the clients we serve as well as a workplace that is more than just an office where you punch in and punch out for 40 hours each week.

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