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Frequently Asked Questions

We grow trees in containers from 1 gallon to 7 gallon. Shrubs are grown in containers from 1 gallon to 3 gallon. Certain tree and shrub species are also grown in tubeling containers. We provide eight species of live stakes. See the specs below:

  • Live stakes: 2’, 3’, or 4’ lengths. Provide desired diameter with your RFQ.
  • Tubelings: 3” x 3” x 9” containers come in trays of 25. We prefer to sell full trays.
  • 1 gallon: 7.5” diameter x 7.25” height. 3.87 L volume
  • 2 gallon: 8.5” diameter x 8.25” height. 6.52 L volume
  • 3 gallon: 11” diameter x 9.62” height. 11.35 L volume
  • 5 gallon: 14” diameter x 9.3” height. 18.97 L volume
  • 7 gallon: 16” diameter x 11.62” height. 28.39 L volume

A plant’s wetland indicator status (WIS) is a wetland delineation tool which tells you if a species will most likely be found in a wetland in a specific region. For example, black willows are obligate (OBL), which tells us they are almost always found in wetlands. The WIS is also helpful when deciding where to plant. Ecotone is in the Eastern Mountains and Piedmont Region and has labeled our plants with the WIS according to that region. The following are the wetland indicator status ratings:

  • Obligate (OBL): Occur almost always under natural conditions in wetlands.
  • Facultative Wetland (FACW): Usually occur in wetlands but occasionally found in non-wetlands.
  • Facultative (FAC): Equally likely to occur in wetlands and non-wetlands.
  • Facultative Upland (FACU): Usually occur in non-wetlands but occasionally found in wetlands.
  • Upland (UPL): Occur in wetlands in another region but occur almost always under natural conditions in non-wetlands in the region specified

For estimates and/or to place an order, email Nursery Manager, Cara or call 410-420-2600 ext. 167 or 717-542-1685. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

We have several ways available to deliver plants to our customers. Prices are based on milage and vary according to current fuel costs. Please provide a delivery address to request a delivery estimate. Shipping is available for certain plant materials and cost is based on current USPS, UPS, or FedEx rates.

Yes, although we do not keep retail hours and our best pricing is for orders in quantities of 100 or more. To set up an appointment, please email Nursery Sales Manager, Cara or call 717-542-1685.

We accept checks made payable to “Ecotone.” We require payment to be made within 30 days of receiving your plant material.

Please provide at least 48 hours’ notice of your desired pick-up date and time.

We understand delays or even cancellations may be necessary, and we deal with these issues on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us asap to delay or cancel. A fee may be charged.

We guarantee healthy, disease-free plants that are properly labeled according to species. By accepting the plant material at the time of pick up or delivery the buyer implies that these conditions have been met. If not, replacements or refunds will be made. All orders are subject to crop failure due to conditions beyond our control. We do not guarantee the survivability or productiveness of the stock we sell.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with the Ecotone, Inc. team on numerous and varied projects for several years.  “… It’s a pleasure to work with Scott and the staff of Ecotone.  They are well organized, professional, and show a true enthusiasm for their work.  Having been to their facility many times, I feel that the unique eco-friendly work environment that they have created for the staff promotes energy and productivity.  Their knowledge and experience in ecological restoration helps them to lead the way in their industry.  It has been a privilege to be able to do business with them over the years.”   

Mary Ann Bogarty
Vice President and Business Development Officer, Harford Bank