2018 National Watershed and Stormwater Conference

​​Ecotone is proud to support the Center for Watershed protection (CWP) as a sponsor for the 2018 National Watershed and Stormwater Conference scheduled for April 10, 2018. The conference will provide real-world solutions with detailed examples from case studies and lessons learned from past approaches so that attendees have a firm grasp of tangible solutions and industry best-practices.

This year’s conference theme is Next Gen Watershed Protection: Fresh Ideas for Funding and Management. The national webcast talks are designed to help today’s water quality experts not only address pollution but also navigate the world of uncertain program funding and regulatory oversight that can jeopardize watershed restoration projects. 

For attendees in the Hub locations, who want to learn about the Chesapeake Bay TMDL Phase III Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs), there will be speakers from the Maryland Department of the Environment  and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality sharing their progress and successful approaches to meeting plan requirements focused on restoring the Chesapeake Bay.

Scott McGill, our CEO and President has been invited as a panelist for the “Ask the Expert Stream Restoration Roundtable”. During this session, he will be presenting his views on CBP Stream Restoration Protocols, future direction of stream restoration in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and innovations in sustainable ecological restoration techniques.

Doug Propheter, our Chief Administrative Officer along with Jessica Cherwich and Steve Pawlak, our Business Development Specialists will also be participating at this conference. Please stop by the Ecotone display table in the exhibit area to meet with our team and learn about our sustainable ecological restoration solutions.

Knowledge Credits: 
Center for Watershed protection


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