Building Climate Resilience:
A Nature-Based Approach

BeaverCON embraces nature’s chief engineer, the mighty beaver, through a biennial, international conference on the East Coast of the United States.

BeaverCON 2022

Tuesday, June 14th – Thursday, June 16th
Delta Hotel
245 Shawan Road
Hunt Valley, MD 2103

BeaverCON is a three-day, international conference co-hosted by the Beaver Institute and Ecotone that brings together a diverse group of restoration professionals, land and wildlife managers, researchers, and beaver believers to learn and share about the best ways to manage and leverage the benefits of beavers in the landscape. 

This year’s theme is the important connection between beavers and climate resilience.  How can incorporating beaver and nature-based approaches in restoration tackle the most pressing environmental challenges of our time?  Flooding, drought, wildfire, and water quality problems associated with climate change can all be moderated by the activities of beavers.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to see presentations about cutting-edge approaches to beaver conflict resolution and management for watershed restoration efforts. 

​Join us for the next BeaverCON, returning to the Baltimore area, June 14th-16th, 2022!

A hands-on conference made for:

  • Restoration Professionals
  • Land Use Managers
  • Road/Infrastructure Specialists
  • Ecologists
  • ​Engineers

2020 Speaker Highlights

Tom Horton
Thinking Like A Beaver – Restoring Chesapeake Bay

Stanley Petrowski 
The Case of the Missing Beaver

Bob Boucher 
Creating the “Superior Bio-Conservancy” and modeling beaver restoration benefits​