Beaver Conflict Management
& Watershed Restoration

Our presenters came from various locations around the world to introduce and discuss diverse subjects and experiences regarding beaver management and ecological restoration.

The Mighty Beaver

BeaverCON embraces Nature’s Chief Engineer, the mighty beaver, through a
​biennial, international conference on the East Coast of the United States

BeaverCON is a biennial, international conference on the east coast of the United States for professionals, researchers and practitioners to learn what works in beaver conflict management and watershed restoration.

A hands-on conference made for:

  • Restoration Professionals
  • Land Use Managers
  • Road/Infrastructure Specialists
  • Ecologists
  • ​Engineers

2020 Speaker Highlights

Tom Horton
Thinking Like A Beaver – Restoring Chesapeake Bay

Stanley Petrowski 
The Case of the Missing Beaver

Bob Boucher 
Creating the “Superior Bio-Conservancy” and modeling beaver restoration benefits​

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